Beerz and Barz Episode 235: Lauryn Hill

February 28, 2022

Episode 235: Lauryn Hill (Flickers Podcast)

Krystal and Matt recently appeared on the Beerz and Barz podcast to discuss the creation of this season of Flickers and give our thoughts on Lauryn Hill and her music, all while enjoying a beer.

About Beerz and Barz:

RAP and BEER with OT the Goldn Child and Kamalkiddo. Two former college roommates still drinking and arguing about the world’s most popular music genre

Episode Details:

On this episode, we talked with Krystal and Matt of Flickers. Flickers is a podcast exploring the work and lives of musicians who incorporate spirituality in their music. Season 2 just kicked off, in which the topic of discussion is none other than Lauryn Hill!

This Week's Beer:

- La Xingona - Double IPA with Guava - ABV: 9% (King Cong Brewing)

- Blood Orange Blonde Ale - ABV: 5% (Haymarket Beer Company)

- Baltic Porter - ABV: 8.4% (Haymarket Beer Company)

- Gingerberry Kombucha - ABV: 0.5% (Synergy)

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About the Podcast

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Thematic explorations of the spiritual in music.

About your hosts

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Krystal Roberts

I'm Krystal. I'm in love with language, artistic expression, and opportunities to learn and grow while helping others do the same. I've been a spoken word artist, graduated from art school, published poetry in Educational Psychology, deeply pondered and written about Lauryn Hill, taught college freshmen how to write, and worked in corporate America on and off for the last 17 years to put my business degree to use. It's been a journey. Fun. Scary. Dark. Exhilarating. Confusing. In short, it's been everything.
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Matthew Linder

I'm Matt. I am obsessed with music and especially hip hop. I love exploring the intersections of race and religion in rap. I have a Masters in Music History and Literature and I have several published academic articles exploring musicians such as Lauryn Hill, Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, and early Christian Hip Hop pioneers, Gospel Gangstaz. I also do work as a freelance podcast producer/editor, co-producing Christianity Today's Quick to Listen podcast with Morgan Lee, and worked as a podcast engineer/editor for We Wonder, The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill, and Prayer Amid Pandemic. The latter podcast won a first-place award from the Evangelical Press Association.